Question About Becoming LSB Certified..?!

Ron Tidd rtidd at
Thu Aug 15 20:53:34 PDT 2002

> How does LSB hope to achieve its mission statment with regard to
> NON-commercial distributions ?
> or
> If standards compliance isnt easily and freely accessable, do you think
> the LSB can (or should) become a standard ?
> Glenn
Fair question.
Allowing a group to claim compliancy meets the goal.
Suppose you allow groups to run the test suites.  And if they pass the
tests (they run themselves) they get to use a LSB Compliant logo.

Now, suppose that a commercial distribution wants to take it one step
further, and prove via independent means that their distro is compliant.
For these people, they pay for an independent review and get to use the
LSB certified logo.

I can see a need for having more than one agency being able to certify a
distribution, or product.  Perhaps there should be some criteria for
allowing someone to be a certification authority?  This way you can have
a group that runs off donations to certify GPL software, or charge a
minimal amount.  IMHO this is the route to go.


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