Question About Becoming LSB Certified..?!

Mark Constable markc at
Fri Aug 16 08:35:27 PDT 2002

On Saturday 17 August 2002 00:22, Brian D wrote:
> ...
> The certified -=logo=- [again notice the emphasis on
> logo], like the Windows logo or the java logo or the
> A++ certified logo or the MCP or any other commercial
> logo, is not.

I don't see any direct relationship in your examples as they
are all commercial companies who own their content and the
rights to do with it as they please. If they want to offer
logos to certify and publically validify _their_ respectively
owned properties then that is perfectly legit.

> Get it ?
> logo = commercial
> certified = open and free

So it seems true then, non-commercial projects who cannot
afford the logo will be at a disadvantage compared to those
who can. Both lots can be certified but one lot will be
percieved as official and that pushes the envelope of
acceptability considering the open source nature of the
content being declared offically LSB compliant or not,
according to a logo that has to paid for.

> </end rant>

Perhaps I touched a sore spot or you're having a bad day.


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