Question About Becoming LSB Certified..?!

Ron Tidd rtidd at
Fri Aug 16 08:53:29 PDT 2002

Everyone is getting way too worked up over a non issue.

The fact still remains :  compliance testing is FREE.

To have an EXTERNAL organization verify your findings is NOT.
Do you really expect this to be FREE?  Stop and think about it.

The big question revolves around how to proudly proclaim to the world
that you are COMPLIANT.  (or if you pay for external verification -

A need then arises for 2 logos as discussed earlier.

And if the present situation is not good enough. It can be changed
later.  For now, we have a test and system to certify ourselves.  And a
preliminary system for qualified external verification that is
sanctioned by the LSB.

Let's get the system working, and then go back and tune it up.

It might be nice (LATER) to have a database driven web page that lists
all organizations that claim to be compliant, and are using an approved
compliant logo.  You could put yourself on this list.  

Another page could be set up for those sites that OPT for external
verification, posting on this list (and use of appropriate logo) would
be reserved for the certifying agencies.

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