Question About Becoming LSB Certified..?!

Ron Tidd rtidd at
Fri Aug 16 09:02:19 PDT 2002

Really now.

So let's take a step back and try again.

Compliancy is free. Certification is not.

You think certification should be free?  Other than raising a stink
about a third party wanting to make a living, how do you propose to
accomplish this?

1) Certification needs to be done by a 3rd party to be trustworthy. 
2) LSB should insure that the Certifying authority is qualified and
trustworthy, or the LSB certified tag means nothing.

So, tell us, where are you going to find an organization that is
qualified to run LSB tests, and is willing to work for free?

If you have constructive criticism let's hear it.  If you still demand
certification for free, I recommend you quit your job, prove to the LSB
you have the skills to perform certifications, and do this for free.
See, now everyone's happy.

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