install-info and LSB

Adam Heath doogie at
Sat Aug 31 12:20:04 PDT 2002

On Sat, 31 Aug 2002, Jack Howarth wrote:

>     Has there ever been any discussion of the binary
> /usr/sbin/install-info in terms of the Linux Standard
> Base? I ask because dpkg is providing a perl based
> version of this utility whereas all other distros
> appear to be using binary only version. This came up
> because the regex in perl 5.80 is buggy and breaks
> the perl install-info for building glibc now. As a
> workaround I rebuilt texinfo-4.2 with all of the redhat
> install-info related patches and substituted this
> binary only version for the one dpkg installs. While
> this version is sufficient for building the packages
> there does appear to be some incompatibilities related
> to installing glibc-doc with this version of install-info.
>     I am wondering if we aren't violating the spirit
> if not the letter of LSB by using a non-standard version
> of install-info. Wouldn't it be better to move install-info
> out of dpkg, add any required additional functionality
> to the texinfo version of install-info and push those
> changes upstream to the texinfo maintainers? Since
> install-info is being called at both the Makefile level
> in builds as well as at the packager level (eg rpm or
> dpkg) it seems that we would be much better off if the
> install-info used by debian was uniform with what
> everyone else is using (be it a perl or binary version).
> Any comments?

Yes.  you're a moron.

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