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Wed Feb 6 13:20:33 PST 2002

>From mats.d.wichmann at Wed Feb  6 22:05:04 2002

>> >The behavior on a standard Linux system (glibc 2.2) is as
>> >described above on invalid errnos:  "Unknown error x".
>> Which is illegal according to SUSv3.
>> SUSv3 requires that strerror() is thread-safe, so it cannot
>> return a modified string.

>Yeah, I was quoting from SUSv2, which says that it does not have 
>to be thread-safe. There's another interface, strerror_r (defined
>in LSB) which is designed to be reentrant, so it seems to be legal
>as currently implemented. At the moment, LSB is aligned with SUSv2, 
>not v3.

OOPs, it seems that I was reading too qiuickly...

SUSv3 also says _not_ reenntant.


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