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Doug Beattie dbb at
Thu Jan 3 15:17:46 PST 2002


When will we be discussing this?

Also, what about trying to incorporate some thoughts about the
application has self checked itself to run on both the sample
implementation/environment and at least one self declared "Conforming"


George Kraft IV wrote:
> Enclosed is the LSB Conformance proposal that we would like to initiate *now* at
> the beginning of the year.  We would like to refine the enclosed terms, then let
> Linux distributions make "LSB Conformance" marketing statements.
> The LSB will then follow up with official "LSB Certification" and "LSB
> Compliance" programs that are more formally endorsed by the FSG/LSB.
> George (gk4)
> ===============================================================================
> The LSB would like to initiate a "Conformance" program beginning
> January 1st, 2002.  The "LSB Conformance" of a Linux distribution
> or application would mean that the suppiler makes a social testimonial
> to the Linux community.  The supplier states, without endorsement
> from the LSB or FSG, that to their knowledge their deliverable, at the
> time of its release, follows the LSB standard.
> Specifically for Linux distributions:
> 1) follows the LSB written specification
> 2) passes the binary LSB TET test suite provide by the LSB
> 3) passes the binary lsblibchk
> 4) passes the FHS checklist
> 5) Documents in their release notes all LSB exceptions with a plan of
>    resolution and due date
> Specifically for Linux applications:
> 1) follows the LSB written specification
> 2) link against the LSB stub libraries and runtime linker
> 3) passes the binary lsbappchk
> 4) statically links to APIs not specified by the LSB or included with
>    the applicaiton
> LSB Conformance is not be be confused with LSB Compliance or LSB Certificaiton.
> LSB Compliance is a self test, but requires registration of the results with
> the LSB.  LSB Certification is third party testing with registration.
> George (gk4)
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