LSB1.1: /proc/cpuinfo

Alan Cox alan at
Thu Jan 3 16:27:13 PST 2002

> The way /proc works has been introduced by Plan 9 in the first half of the 80s.
> What Linux added as an abuse of the /proc filesytem in principle is a Plan 9
> idea too. It makes sense to  have something similar, but please please _not_
> inside the /proc tree.

Linux is not Plan 9 (yet). What the Linux /proc subsystem does is nothing
to do with what Sun, Plan 9, Microsoft or your pet hamster do. Nor is it
remotely meaningful to argue about it that way. Using /sys is also extremely
inappropriate as many BSD derived folks use /sys already and it would make
LSB on non Linux systems unneccessarily hard.

> On MacOS X which also uses the IEEE Boot architecture the same beast
> will be shown via a 'ioreg -l'

The PC world doesnt have an IEEE boot architecture. The ARM world doesn't
the HPPA world doesn't, the MIPS world mostly doesn't, the SH3 world

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