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On Fri, Jan 04, Joerg Schilling wrote:

> >From kukuk at Fri Jan  4 15:44:41 2002
> >On Fri, Jan 04, Joerg Schilling wrote:
> >> My question was: 
> >> 
> >> "How could a standard compliance test find out that GNU rm includes a nonstandard
> >> option that gives GNU rm properties that are not allowed from SUSv2?"
> >Where is the problem? You don't use this nonstandard option and
> >everything is ok. There is no rule that a software is not allowed
> >to have more options than specified in the LSB. So you don't need
> >to check, if software can do more, you only need to check that
> >software can do that, what the spec requires and don't do things,
> >which are explicit forbidden.
> Please READ the standard before you try to find arguments!

I read it. And did not found the answer. So, please explain, where the
standard forbids additional options, which are not standard conform.

> The standard says that the rm command has to use the rmdir() behavior in 
> order to remove directories.

Yes, this is what the standard says, here we agree.

> As - if you are root- you may unlink a non-empty diretory using GNUrm -d 

You are doing here something which is not in the standard. The standard says
nothing about "-d". So, if you use a non-standard option, the behavior
is not documented in the standard. rm says, that it will remove directories
with unlink if "-d" is used. So, everything is ok.

> this is
> -	a behavior that is not compliant with the general rules for the
> 	rm program.

It is. You use a non-standard option to overwrite the standard. The standard
says nothing about unspecified arguments.

> -	a risk fot the data integrity of the machine

But the manual page for GNUrm clearly writes that it will use "unlink".
So it is your problem.

> Check your keyboard: the letter "d" and the letter "f" are close to each other.

Then you should be more carefull what you type.


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