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Fri Jan 4 07:52:13 PST 2002

>From tytso at Fri Jan  4 16:41:00 2002

>On Fri, Jan 04, 2002 at 02:03:48AM +0100, Joerg Schilling wrote:
>> Right now, when I am forced to make binary only versions of programs
>> like e.g. the the Plextor firmware upgrade program, I can only do it
>> for and for glibc-2.2. Anything in between gives problems.

>Why don't you just link your binary-only program statically?  If you
>do that, then it is entirely irrelevant which libc is installed on the
>system, and core kernel backwards compatibility has been quite good,

Due to a bug inside either the linker or glibc it is not possible
to link cdrecord and similar programs statically. If you like, I could
check again and send you the error messages.

>So if you link statically, your programs will run sanely accross a
>much larger part of the Linux installed base, and across a much larger
>set of programs than if you link dynamically and hope for the best.

If the ld/libc problem was fixed - may be...

>P.S.  On a completely unrelated note, while I have you here, how well
>do DVD recorders work with Linux these days?  Some folks have claimed
>that cdreocrd will "just work" --- is that true?

cdrecord-ProDVD is one of the very first DVD-R/DVD-RW recording programs.
It started 4 years ago, when a drive was 18000 $ and a media was 70 $.

As DVD recording is not a common feature and from some bad experiences with
companies who did steel in one case e.g. cdrecord/Linux for a commercial
closed source project, I am curently not making this program OSS. It would be too
simple for companies that currently don't have DVD-R technoligy to steel the

You may check a test binary from

it writes unlimited in dummy mode and limited to 1 GB in real mode.

... don't forget to use one of the latest Linux kernels as there was a bug in 
the ISO-9660 filesystem code that prevented DVD sized media to work in Linux.

Mkisofs did recently get UDF support and passed the Philips UDF conformance test
for Video DVD media. It still has to be enhanced as it currently binds
UDF name space to Joliet namespace which is a bad idea.


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