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Fri Jan 4 08:01:14 PST 2002

>From: Thorsten Kukuk <kukuk at>

>> The standard says that the rm command has to use the rmdir() behavior in 
>> order to remove directories.

>Yes, this is what the standard says, here we agree.

And as the standard does not say that the program may have nonstandard
options that remove the need to follow the rmdir() rules, it is obvious that
the rm program must follow the rmdir() rules in all cases even when
using nonstandard options.

>> As - if you are root- you may unlink a non-empty diretory using GNUrm -d 

>You are doing here something which is not in the standard. The standard says
>nothing about "-d". So, if you use a non-standard option, the behavior
>is not documented in the standard. rm says, that it will remove directories
>with unlink if "-d" is used. So, everything is ok.

See aboove: If the nonstandard option makes the rm program to ignore the SUSv2
rules, then you must either remove the -d option or aggree that GNUrm is not
compliant to the SUSv2 standard.

>> -	a risk fot the data integrity of the machine

>But the manual page for GNUrm clearly writes that it will use "unlink".
>So it is your problem.

>> Check your keyboard: the letter "d" and the letter "f" are close to each other.

>Then you should be more carefull what you type.

There is no need to have the -d option in GNU rm as there is a "unlink" command
that doesn't have this problem and is documented in SUSv2.

The fact that there is a one letter option that is able to make gnu rm behave
different than documented in the standard is at least a risk that could easily 
be avoided if you would be forced to use the long option to activate id _and_
if the man page for GNU rm would clearly state that this option is non 

If you call "star H=gnutar ...." you will create nonstandard "tar" archives
but you will need to type a lot to do this _and_ the star man page clearly 
states that this will cause non-standard archives to be created.

If you call mkisofs with the -Joliet option or any other option that allows
mkisofs to create non ISO-9960 images to be created, it warns you that the
resulting archive will be non standard.


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