LSB1.1: /proc/cpuinfo

Doug Beattie dbb at
Fri Jan 4 08:23:35 PST 2002

Then, in general the specification should state that any options not
documented, but found to be present in any command/function, should
not be used as they will not have been tested and results cannot be

Can we make a blanket statement that will satisfy all such conditions
so we don't have to go through and document each and every situation
within the specification?

Alan Cox wrote:
> > And as the standard does not say that the program may have nonstandard
> > options that remove the need to follow the rmdir() rules, it is obvious that
> > the rm program must follow the rmdir() rules in all cases even when
> > using nonstandard options.
> The standard does not say that a command cannot have non standard options
> that do nonstandard things.
> Alan
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