LSB1.1: /proc/cpuinfo

Alan Cox alan at
Fri Jan 4 16:32:26 PST 2002

> > CPU hot plug patches (sysconf in POSIX/SuS already supports asking for
> > "number of cpus" and "number of cpus online"
> Just curious... is there any mechanism for processor reservation/binding
> present or planned?

Open discussion at the moment. The kernel has the hooks. There are arguments
about which scheme to use. The pset one is probably the most standard.

> 'Far as I can tell, the software industry has been trying to
> figure out how to license enterprise-class software for the
> whole 21 years I've been in the business and probably a lot
> longer, and still don't really have a good model.

Fine. But that is their problem 8). VIA already has documentation for
how to check the speed of a CPU. Intel seem to have NDA'd theirs but I'm
sure they can provide that algorithm easily enough.

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