Proposal: cpuinfo(1)

Christoph Hellwig hch at
Mon Jan 7 11:59:00 PST 2002

[Caldera hat on and switch to constructive mode]

As current /proc/cpuinfo is unportable and thus not suitable for LSB
in my eyes, I'd like to propose a new tool, cpuinfo(1) as replacement.

Cpuinfo is supposed to allow retrieving a subset of the contents of
the i386 /proc/cpuinfo in a portable way.

Below is my current design in form of a manpage:

cpuinfo(1)              System General Commands Manual              cpuinfo(1)

     ccppuuiinnffoo - get information about installed CPU(s)

     ccppuuiinnffoo --bb
     ccppuuiinnffoo --cc
     ccppuuiinnffoo --ff
     ccppuuiinnffoo --nn
     ccppuuiinnffoo --pp

     ccppuuiinnffoo is used to retreive information about the processor installed in
     the currently running system.  supports the following options:

     --bb      Report the sum of the bogo-mips values of all online processors.

     --cc      Report cache-size of the biggest CPU-controlled hardware cache.

     --ff      Report CPU features that are supported by all online processors.
             For each CPU feature a word with up to ten characters is output,
             a whitespace is used as separator.  The values are architecture-

     --nn      Report number of online processors.

     --pp      Report CPU types of all online processors.  For each CPU one
             there is one line of output, containing the free-formed string
             reported by the hardware/firmware.

     If ccppuuiinnffoo is unable to determine the wanted information it returns the
     sring "unknown".

     LSB 1.1

     Due to incoherent underlying interfaces ccppuuiinnffoo might give inaccurate
     results on some kernel versions or architectures.

     uname(1), proc(5)

LSB 1.1                        January 04, 2002                        LSB 1.1

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