Application compliance vs conformance

John R. Daily jdaily at
Mon Jan 21 11:40:40 PST 2002

Comparing the definitions of compliant and conformant
applications in the spec is challenging, because the definitions
have differing levels of detail. I've included them at the bottom
of this email for reference; note that the first is one sentence
that essentially states "See this document", and the second
consists of 6 very specific bullet points.

Is there any technical distinction, or is the difference
contained entirely in the following sentence from the conformance
proposal posted here earlier this month?

LSB Conformance is not be be confused with LSB Compliance or LSB Certificaiton.
LSB Compliance is a self test, but requires registration of the results with
the LSB.


LSB-Compliant Application

    An application written to include only the system routines,
    commands, and other resources included in this document, and
    that has been compiled into an executable file that has the
    formats and characteristics specified for such files in this
    document, and whose behavior complies, installs, and is
    executed in the environment with the rules given in this

LSB Application Conformance

    An application with the following characteristics:

       1. Its executable files are either shell scripts or object
          files in the format defined for the Object File Format
          system interface.
       2. Its object files participate in dynamic linking as
          defined in the Program Loading and Linking System
       3. It employs only the instructions, traps, and other
          low-level facilities defined in the Low-Level System
          interface as being for use by applications.
       4. If it requires any optional interface defined in this
          document in order to be installed or to execute
          successfully, the requirement for that optional
          interface is stated in the application's documentation.
       5. It does not use any interface or data format that is
          not required to be provided by a conforming
          implementation, unless:

              * If such an interface or data format is supplied
                by another application through direct invocation
                of that application during execution, that
                application is in turn an LSB-compliant
              * The use of that interface or data format, as well
                as its source, is identified in the documentation
                of the application.

       6. It must not use any values for a named interface that
          are reserved for vendor extensions.

A strictly conforming application does not require or use any
interface, facility, or implementation-defined extension that is
not defined in this document in order to be installed or to
execute successfully.

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