Application compliance vs conformance

George Kraft IV gk4 at
Tue Jan 22 09:37:15 PST 2002

"John R. Daily" wrote:
> Comparing the definitions of compliant and conformant

It looks like I failed to pass along a piece of critical information to
everyone.  The FSG board did not like the ambiguity of conformance versus
compliance; therefore, we have canned "LSB Conformance" and have revitalized a
more stringent "LSB Certification Pilot" that will have a definite start,
middle, and end.

In short, we now have:

1) LSB Certification Pilot (runs until there is an actual certification program
with policies, procedures, terms & conditions)
2) LSB Certification (third party testing)
3) LSB Compliance (self test)

George (gk4)

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