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Let's see if I can explain my way out of this...  :-)

In the context of branding, we *were* attempting to make a formal statement and
differentiate between "LSB Conformance", "LSB Certified", and "LSB Compliant";
however, as I stated earlier, "LSB Conformance" is dead; therefore, there will
be only a true Certified/Compliant system that has passed all of the tests and
follows the policies, terms, & conditions...

The gLSB specification definitions of "conformance" and "compliance" are in
context of just the written specification.  That is to say, you are following
the specification if you do these things.  As you can see in the "Certification
Pilot", step one is to be "LSB Application/Implementation Conformant" (follow
the written spec), but certification branding requires some additional testing

Towards the end of the "Certification Pilot" we will share more details to the
"LSB Certified" and "LSB Compliant" policies, terms, & conditions.

I may have clarified things for you, or I have made things worse. In any case,
we intend to make things more clear.  We will review what the spec says in
comparison to our branding efforts.

George (gk4)

Michael Schultheiss wrote:
> George Kraft IV wrote:
> > "John R. Daily" wrote:
> > >
> > > Comparing the definitions of compliant and conformant
> >
> > It looks like I failed to pass along a piece of critical information to
> > everyone.  The FSG board did not like the ambiguity of conformance versus
> > compliance; therefore, we have canned "LSB Conformance" and have revitalized a
> > more stringent "LSB Certification Pilot" that will have a definite start,
> > middle, and end.
> >
> >
> >
> > In short, we now have:
> >
> > 1) LSB Certification Pilot (runs until there is an actual certification program
> > with policies, procedures, terms & conditions)
> > 2) LSB Certification (third party testing)
> > 3) LSB Compliance (self test)
> While visiting I noticed that The LSB 1.1 is
> Final yet the definitions still include the compliance/conformance
> ambiguity.  Are the definitions going to be updated to reflect the
> change in terminology?
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