Gnome, KDE, and other large application packages

Collins erichey2 at
Tue Jul 2 18:39:07 PDT 2002

How does the lfs recommend handling large application packages that
need to have multiple concurrent incompatible versions?  It is not
obvious from the standard what would be the best course of action.

Is it recommended/permitted to put these in /opt/kde2, /opt/kde3,
/opt/gnome, etc.?

kde in particular is a poor candidate for the /usr hierarchy since it
contains editable configuration files all over the place, and the /usr
hierarchy is supposed to be read-only.

Placing these packages in /opt does mean, of course, that other
smaller independant packages in the /usr hierarchy will be dependant
on kde/gnome packages in the /opt hierarchy.  Is this considered bad

What is your opinion?

Collins Richey - Denver Area - WWTLRD?
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