Gnome, KDE, and other large application packages

Thorsten Kukuk kukuk at
Tue Jul 2 23:18:04 PDT 2002

On Tue, Jul 02, Collins wrote:

> How does the lfs recommend handling large application packages that
> need to have multiple concurrent incompatible versions?  It is not
> obvious from the standard what would be the best course of action.
> Is it recommended/permitted to put these in /opt/kde2, /opt/kde3,
> /opt/gnome, etc.?

In the past there was an agreement between some Linux distributors to
put this in /opt/kde? and /opt/gnome. There where a lot of pro and cons
for this. The FHS allows both, putting it in /usr or in /opt. We decide
to put it in /opt because:
You can have multiple versions of KDE/GNOME without name conflicts for
different users and if somebody does not like KDE or GNOME, he don't
need to put it into his PATH variable.

This discussion is now over 2 years old and there is still no
agreement between all Linux Distributions.


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