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On Wednesday 03 July 2002 2:39 am, Collins wrote:
> How does the lfs recommend handling large application packages that
> need to have multiple concurrent incompatible versions?  It is not
> obvious from the standard what would be the best course of action.
> Is it recommended/permitted to put these in /opt/kde2, /opt/kde3,
> /opt/gnome, etc.?
> kde in particular is a poor candidate for the /usr hierarchy since it
> contains editable configuration files all over the place, and the /usr
> hierarchy is supposed to be read-only.
Debian manages to have KDE 3 without having configuration files in /usr. 
Admittedly /usr/share/config is a symlink to /etc/kde3, but only because we 
haven't changed the source. Any other files are not likely to be edited by 
the user (XML UI files etc). 

> Placing these packages in /opt does mean, of course, that other
> smaller independant packages in the /usr hierarchy will be dependant
> on kde/gnome packages in the /opt hierarchy.  Is this considered bad
> form?
> What is your opinion?
> Thanks,

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