Configuration File Spec part of LSB?

Don Hoover dxh at
Thu Jul 11 20:37:40 PDT 2002

Has anything been proposed to standardize on system
configuration files for the LSB yet?  For instance, I
have wondered why more Linux people don't like the
/etc/rc.config.d/<configfile> method that HPUX and
SuSE use to separate configuration for init scripts
from the actual init scripts... 

When you have an config file for say the apache init
script that reads the /etc/rc.config.d/apache config
file to get its startup info you can do things like
easilty turn off and on services..

The config script can have things like:
# 1=on, 0=off

And then the init script can use this info to decide
what to do.. 

What this does is the following:
1) elimiates the need to manage,add/delete links in
lots of /etc/rc.#d directores to control what starts
and stops...

2) Makes it very easy to write tools such as gui
programs to allow users to easily control these
options since they are in a easy to parse format.

There was also an article recently about someone
thinking that maybe Linux could standardize on some
sort of "registry like" system (as much as I hate the
connotation that gives) ... but instead of the way
Microsoft does it, use a REAL DIRECOTORY structure
consisting of config files and all files using the
same XML format.

In my mind this is one of the main things that makes
it hard to build gui config tools for linux.. no
standard way to change the config... you end up
writing lots of crazy code to handle different file
formats etc..

Just wondering if this is even part of the LSB plan,
or not even on the radar.

Don Hoover
dxh at

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