Configuration File Spec part of LSB?

Matt Taggart taggart at
Thu Jul 11 22:03:00 PDT 2002

Don Hoover writes...

> Has anything been proposed to standardize on system
> configuration files for the LSB yet?
[stuff about rc.config.d snipped]
> Just wondering if this is even part of the LSB plan,
> or not even on the radar.

It has come up in the lsb-futures group (cc'd), along with a bunch of
similar ideas some of which are listed at,

The LSB is interesting in that it's very hard to 'create' standards,
it's much easier to 'document' existing standards. So if you can convince
the community(at least starting with the major distributions) to move to
it then it would be easy to add to the standard. Personally, as a former
hpux user I have used rc.config.d and agree it's nice.

This sort of thing is one of the things the lsb-futures group was
created to address, nursing things along until it's possible to
standardize them. If you or others have interest and are willing to
do the work to make it happen, check out the web page and join the
mailing list and we can work on it.

Sound OK?


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