Configuration File Spec part of LSB?

Don Hoover dxh at
Thu Jul 11 22:10:24 PDT 2002

--- Matt Taggart <taggart at> wrote:
> as a former hpux user I have used rc.config.d and 
> agree it's  nice.
> Sound OK?
> Matt Taggart        Linux Development Lab
> taggart at   HP Linux Systems Operation

Sounds fine.. 

I am a professional Unix admin with about a decade of
experience at a fortune 50, have been using Linux
since the early 90's and feel pretty strongly that
Linux is a little too tied in the "old school" unix
way of doing things, and it's find for us that can use
vi in our sleep and often do.. but I just think that
this is silly to keep these bad habits of hapazard
storage of os config... 

I will try to get involved the best I can.


Don Hoover
dxh at

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