[lsb-futures] Re: Configuration File Spec part of LSB?

Don Hoover dxh at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 19 18:21:59 PDT 2002

--- "Wichmann, Mats D" <mats.d.wichmann at intel.com>
> Could we take the SuSE "discussion" offline, please?
> If the mission is to build a common base everyone
> can get behind, recent postings on this thread don't
> seem to be advancing that mission.
> Ted did suggest the original bits of the thread
> could be contentious, and apparently he was right
> :-{

Yes. I have to agree.

I originally stuck my nose into the mailing list with
this topic because it's something I felt passionate

I didn't want this to be a discussion about doing it
like one distro or another distro, or whatever, I just
wanted to start a discussion on maybe coming up on
SOME way of standardizing on it, because quite frankly
the way that its done today is a hindrance to EVER
being able to admin a Linux box without hand editing
files.  And while I have been a vi-jockey for a decade
now, there are a lot of potential Linux users that are

Without some standardized way to store configuration
for things like init script variables, etc. then Linux
is doomed to be an OS forever seen as "too
complicated".   While I am a very experienced
vi-jockey, there a lot of people who could be good
additions to the Linux community if a standard set of
system configuration tools could be developed.

There is no way that the KDE team or the GNOME team
are going to be able to develop a standard set of
"system" configuration gui tools unless the LSB puts a
stake in the ground and documents that "this is how it
will be".  Until then they would be trying to hit a
moving target.

Until some sort of system configuration storage
format, methods and locations is added to the LSB, we
will continue the situation we are in today with EVERY
distro having their own tools to configure init,
printers, networking, etc..  SuSe will forever have
Yast, which will be different than Mandrakes, and
different than RedHat's etc.. and each one will store
its configuration data in a different format and in a
different place.  

But one thing is for sure, it's not all that helpful
to get into the "do it like <insert_distro>"
discussion too much.  The RIGHT thing to do might be
something different than what every distro is doing
today, it might be a combination of what several are
doing or a variation on what some are doing.  If all
you can do is pick from what already exists in the
current distro's methodology, then your limiting
yourself too much, and are always going to be open to
complaints about playing favorites of one distro over

Don Hoover
dxh at yahoo.com

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