[lsb-futures] Re: Configuration File Spec part of LSB?

Brian Densmore quiet_celt at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 20 09:30:59 PDT 2002

I'm pretty much a lurker on this list. But I'd like to
throw in my two cents, because I agree a standard
needs to be set. I do not know how distro X does it
and don't really care [yes heartless]. It seems to me
everyone is making it much more complicated than it
needs to be. The simplest solution is usually best. So
I think all configuration files should be in plain
text. It could be field delimited text, that a simple
db type script could take and parse into a keyed
database for those applications that "need" to be able
to retrieve the values via a key and "quickly". Why
make it any more complex than that. A simple text file
with defined fields, and plenty of reserved fields for
distro specific or vendor specific values is all that
is needed. Then distros and vendors can take these
files and convert them into any use they want,
providing admins/users the script that will reset the
configuration from the text file. Kind of the way the
sendmail [curse that program] mc file works. THis way
all the hardcore vi people have what they want. the
users get nice litlle configuration tools from the
distros, and each may be different, but still have
some required "core" similarities. THe mnake the
learning curve the smallest. And switching from one
distro to another requires only learning what the
distros "specific" differences are. I am no vi guru,
but I am no newbie either. I make my living off
computers, so hacking the Windows registry or the
config files in /etc/... doesn't scare me. But I have
a friend who would never be able to get all the fine
points of vi, because he doesn't have the time to
learn it. Frankly neither do I. ;')

Brian Densmore
quiet_celt at yahoo.com

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