LSB face 2 face at Linux Symposium in Ottawa

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Wed May 1 11:09:45 PDT 2002

Today (May 1st, 2002) is the last day of the discounted registration prices for
the Linux Symposium.  If you plan to attend the June 26th LSB face 2 face
meeting and the Linux Symposium, then you need to REGISTER TODAY.

For the LSB meeting we will mostly be talking about gLSB v1.3 (ie., C++) and
other things on our short term list.

George (gk4)

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Today (May 1) is the last day of the early registration prices.  We're
approaching 90% full and the hotel is selling out.

Thanks to everyone who has registered, now it is time to work on making
sure all those papers get in. :)

Andrew Hutton, 
C. Craig Ross,
Stephanie Donovan

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