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Circa 2002-11-15 08:30:21 +0800 dixit alan sinclair:

: apologies for this drifting off-topic (off RPM that is)
: but I really will appreciate pointers to educate myself
: > You'd need to know if the target machine is using 
: > the kernel module loader, in which case  ppost 
: > and ppostun would be scriptlets to add the required
: > lines to  /etc/modules.conf.  If the  kernel module 
: > loader is  not being used (read: modules are to be 
: > loaded "manually"), those scriptlets would have to
: > modify whichever  facility is  going to be  used 
: we have two modules which need to be loaded, one before
: and one after the linux boot plumbs the network adapters
: -- please can someone point me to any info that would
: help me learn how?   I.e. not to RPM docs, but info on 
: how linux orders the starting of things, and how to add 
: our modules into the process.  
: E.g. I've read some on writing rc scripts, but haven't
: found how these are ordered (nor whether net adapters 
: are enumerated there.

Right now, this is mostly implementation-dependent.  The Linux Standard
Base (LSB, http://www.linuxbase.org/ ) contains some
distribution-independent provisions for ordering of startup scripts,
which should work on LSB-compliant environments.

The current LSB draft is v1.3, which is available for public review now
( http://www.linuxbase.org/spec/index.shtml ).  In particular, the
chapter on System Initialization looks like it would be helpful
( http://www.linuxbase.org/spec/gLSB/gLSB/sysinit.html ).

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