[lsb-discuss] TET/vsxgen Installation problems..

Christopher Yeoh cyeoh at samba.org
Wed Nov 20 10:02:31 PST 2002

Hi Sai,

At 2002/11/20 12:42-0500  Saikrishnan Krishnamurthy writes:
>    I was trying to install the TET/vsxgen framework. I downloaded the
> tet_vsxgen_2.5.tgz from the TETs website and unzipped it. I then ran the
> setup.sh.skeleton script that started installing the TET and vsxgen for
> me. So far so good. Problem arises when the script tries to find the
> TEST_MODE. The vsxgen subsets directory is all empty and so, the script
> will not proceed any further and keeps asking me for the TEST_MODE.
> What does the script expect to be present in the subsets directory ??.
>    Is there any installation manual for installing the TET/vsxgen ??. I
> tried reading the vsxgen_spec-1.5r1.pdf. It is extensive and hard to
> understand for beginers like me..

The tarball which you downloaded is a bundle of both TET/VSXgen and
has been tailored for the LSB to automate the process of installing
TET, VSXgen and the LSB test suite(s) that you want to use. There
should be a README file in the same directory as the tet_vsxgen
tarball that you donwloaded which explains what files you need.
Briefly, you shouldn't manually unpack the tarball yourself, but use
the install.sh script which is also available in that directory.

The setup.sh script automates the things which would normally be done
manually in setting up TET/VSXgen and the test suite, so this may help
explain the documentation which you have been reading.


cyeoh at au.ibm.com
IBM OzLabs Linux Development Group
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