[lsb-discuss] TET/vsxgen Installation problems..

Andrew Josey ajosey at rdg.opengroup.org
Thu Nov 21 09:01:05 PST 2002

To install, you need to run install.sh and install a complete
testset (the lts* files)  (the vsx-pcts contains the POSIX testset)



for a README,testset sources and the install.sh wrapper.  You cannot
just pick arbitrary files from the tarball and expect them to install.
Also see http://www.linuxbase.org/test/ for more information and 
a bug reporting tool.


On Nov 21, 11:54am in "Re: [lsb-discuss] TE", Saikrishnan Krishnamurthy wrote:
> Hi all,
>  I am trying to install and run the VSXgen-TET framework in my machine. My
> interest is to execute the already completed POSIX related tests like
> chmod, chown, chdir, fstat etc. I could locate programs related to these
> in vsx-pcts/tset/POSIX.os/files/chmod in the lsb tar ball. I copied these
> and placed it in a directory relative to where my TET-ROOT is.
>  During the process of installing/configuring the TET/vsxgen I have some
> problems. The setup.sh script under tet asks me a number of questions,
> during the configuration stage and finally fails saying:
> mount: error whiel guessing filesystem type
> mount: you must specify the filesystem type
> make: *** [filldisc] Error 32
> Test framework compilation failed. Aborting
>   I am herewith attaching the screen-print of all the events that happened
> before this error occurred. I would appreciate if someone could help me
> with this.

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