[lsb-discuss] Extending Linux - Request for Input

Doug Beattie dbb at linkexplorer.com
Thu Oct 3 11:00:14 PDT 2002

As you know, LSB 1.2 is complete.

Now it is time to expand LSB's coverage, to better meet the needs of
Linux based application developers and "normalize" the use and
acceptance of free and open source software.

Our goal is to increase compatibility among runtime environments. With
this, application developers will find it easier to develop their
applications for Linux with less concern for having to support the
variations in APIs that they face today. Greater adoption of Linux by
application developers will mean more applications and functionality
for the platform.

This is the brainstorming phase, all ideas are welcome. Think about
what you would like done in an ideal world with unlimited resources.
The output of this survey will be used to help build the LSB road map.

Please give your input soon at www.freestandards.org/linuxfuture

Doug Beattie
dbb at freestandards.org

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