[lsb-discuss] ANNOUNCEMENT: Free Standards Group election

George Kraft IV gk4 at austin.ibm.com
Tue Oct 8 09:44:05 PDT 2002

The FSG has asked me to pass this information along.

George (gk4)


The Free Standards Group is preparing to hold our first board of
directors election by our membership.  The election will begin on
December 1st.  All nine board of directors positions will be open for
election.  (The board amended the bylaws to allow all nine slots to be
opened up since we have gone longer without an election than we
originally planned.)

The election policy and the election schedule are available at:



A nomination committee (NOMCOM) is putting together a list of candidates
for the election and there is a process for petition candidates to be
added after the NOMCOM slate is announced.  There is also an election
committee (ELECTCOM) which will oversee the election process and handle
any appeals.  A small committee of the board was responsible for setting
the base election policy and appointing persons to the NOMCOM and

The membership of the NOMCOM and the ELECTCOM is as follows:

    * George Kraft (LSB Chairperson, IBM)
    * Matt Taggart (LSB Futures Lead, HP)
    * Drew Streib (individual, FSG contributor)
    * Dan York (individual)
    * Wichert Akkerman (Debian developer)
    * Bdale Garbee (Debian project leader)
    * Yoichi Suehiro (LI18NUX, HP)

Both committees happen to have the same members; chairpersons for each
committee will be decided soon.


Only members can run or vote!

If your company or non-profit is considering joining the Free Standards
Group, now would be a good time -- you need to a member in good standing
before the election begins in order for the NOMCOM to nominate someone
from your organization for one of the Corporate or Non-Profit director

Contributors to Free Standards Group work groups are encouraged to join
as individual members.

See http://www.freestandards.org/membership/ for more information on how
to join.


If you have any questions after reading the policy and schedule, please
feel free to ask me or the elections list <election at freestandards.org>.

Thank you.

Daniel Quinlan
Free Standards Group, Board Chairperson

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