[lsb-discuss] PPC32 and IA64 certification pilot

George Kraft IV gk4 at austin.ibm.com
Thu Oct 24 12:52:22 PDT 2002

On Monday with the announcement of the public review for the LSB v1.3
written specification, we will also announce the PPC32 and IA64
certification pilot.


George (gk4)

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Subject: [lsb-discuss] New lsb sample implementation bundles
Date: 24 Oct 2002 12:26:09 -0700

A new beta Sample Implementation has been released for ia32
and ia64.  See:


These are tagged 1.2b1 as some LSB 1.3 features (mainly,
PAM support) have not yet gone in. A 1.3-conforming version
should be available within a month, as should a version
that can be used with user-mode Linux (at least for ia32).

The Sample Implementation (or LSB-si) is useful for testing
LSB conforming applications, in fact, the certification
program requires using the LSB-si as one of the test platforms.

The base bundle can be unpacked and entered via the
chroot command.  Networking is not configured, so getting
files into the chroot is done via copying from a non-chrooted
window (or remembering to copy in before you start the chroot).

With the add-on "lsbsi-test" bundle, these distributions
have done very well on the LSB runtime test suite. New
test results using the latest runtime test beta should be
available shortly.

For more information, see

http://www.linuxbase.org/impl <http://www.linuxbase.org/impl> 

Any issues can be sent to the lsb-impl mailing list (sign
up through the LSB mailing list page) or submitted as
sourceforge bugs using the category "implementation".

Mats Wichmann

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