[lsb-discuss] gLSB: sysinit: clearify algorithm for determining status of programs

Tobias Burnus tobias.burnus at physik.fu-berlin.de
Thu Aug 28 12:42:06 PDT 2003


this patch does:

- use some more caps for the titles for consistancy

- move is-program-running section from pidofproc into a dedicated

- programs should delete pidfile if they are stopped

- discourage to use _only_ /proc/PID/exe to check whether a program is
  running since this prevents e.g. perl-based daemons
  See bug #677744 and
  This affects Debian. (RedHat and SuSE are known to be not-affected.)

- killproc should delete the pidfile, if the program has been stopped
  and the file still exists.
  Reasoning: a SIGKILLed program can not remove it itself.

- pidofproc shall only return pids of running processes.

The changes should reflect the de-facto used methods, except for:

- check whether a program is running for script-based daemons
  -> this fails at least in Debian (Debian bug 167757)

- deleting of the pid file by killproc if the program is no longer

- returning only pids of running processes
  (SuSE and RedHat check for this, Debian, see bug 207639)

Note that those are only "should" clauses.

(Distributors:) Please check whether there is any clash with a current
implementation which behaviour should be still allowed or used instead.

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