[lsb-discuss] Inclusion of sendmail and patch

Lee W lee at unassemble.co.uk
Tue Feb 4 15:29:07 PST 2003

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> The spec says that a command called sendmail should exist that obeys the
> options list in the spec,
> 1.html
> and is available for applications that want to be able to send mail. This
> doesn't necessarily mean that *the* Sendmail(tm) is there and is open to
> the world. Most MTAs provide a command "sendmail" that behaves like
> Sendmail(tm). It is useful for LSB developers to be able to have their
> applications send mail, without having to deliver their own MTA.
> > Secondly, what is the reasoning behind including patch as a core =
> > utility?
> > I will fully admit to not having much knowledge on this point, but is it
> > not primarily a tool used in development, such as applying updates to =
> > source code prior to recompilation (although I believe it can be used to
> > modify script files as well)?
> It's a tool for delivering updates to files, which developers might need
> do on a runtime system. There may be additional justification which I'm
> aware of.
> Does this help?


Thanks for your reply.

What you have said does help me to rethink my original impressions, although
I am still concerned with including an entire sendmail-like (whether it be
qmail,postfix, exim or sendmail tm) server onto every machine.  One of the
goals for my distro is that of one suitable as a minimal system for use as a
corporate desktop  (similair to the likes of NT Workstation or Windows 2000
Pro, sorry for the Microsoft comparison), do we need effectively a mail
server on every one of the workstations?

I understand that it is outside of the remit of the LSB and the FHS but
perhaps someone needs to create either a script or binary that emulates the
sendmail-interface but only delivers mail locally to /var/spool/mail (I
think that is where the FHS suggests) or forwards it onto a smarthost, "no
more no less".  Once I know more about it I would be willing to write such
as script myself, if yourself and others feel it would still comply with the

Thanks again.


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