[lsb-discuss] Some questions on the LSB build environment

Dan Kegel dank at kegel.com
Thu Feb 6 14:29:27 PST 2003

Mike Hearn wrote:
>>The packaging debates were too painful.  
> I did look through some of the archives for this list, going back right
> to the start, but didn't come across a particularly serious packaging
> debate that I recall. Could you give me some dates and on which lists?
> I'd better read up on what went before so we don't end up repeating old
> stuff.

I think I've blocked it from my memory, or was imagining it :-)

I did find a few links, but nothing you didn't see, probably:

and then there's always /.:

Your list seems like a good start, btw.  The interactivity
issue is an interesting one.  I can see both reasons to have
it, and reasons not to.  (I worked at a shrinkwrap software
company, and they loved having some UI during install.)
IMHO some provision for bypassing the UI entirely for automated
headless installs is a must if we eventually allow a UI.
(Note: debian already seems to require some UI during install,
if packages need some configuration, so perhaps they've thought about this.)

It'd be nice to have the list whittled down to the minimum
set of issues you think really need to be addressed...
you weren't quite clear on whether you thought dependencies
were a must, but I get the feeling you really do want them badly.
- Dan

Dan Kegel

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