[lsb-discuss] IA32 ISO Compliance

Mark Hatle fray at mvista.com
Wed Jul 2 15:51:26 PDT 2003

Is the ISO Style Guide available somewhere?  (I'd like to see the "why" 
before I comment on the edited version.)


George Kraft wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> As you know, we are trying to make the LSB ISO compliant for 2.0.  As part 
> of this effort, we have to bring all of the LSB Specs into compliance with 
> the ISO Style Guide. I have updated the LSB Specification for IA32 
> Architecture so we can see an example of what the changes will look like. 
> The updated version is only a local copy, if everyone agrees with the 
> changes, I'll check it into CVS.  I have attached three files - the edited 
> document, a file that highlights the changes I made, and the original 
> document. Notice that some of the boilerplate elements were deleted but 
> will be included in the final document. Feel free to send me any questions 
> or input you have about the edits.  I appreciate your help.

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