[lsb-discuss] Patch: Init scripts PID format

Tobias Burnus tobias.burnus at physik.fu-berlin.de
Tue Jul 8 11:26:20 PDT 2003


this patch should make Mark Hatle happier and should solve this issue:
  [ 765901 ] PID format not defined (PID file + pidofproc)

Mark Hatle wrote:
>>Specifies that /var/run/basename.pid shall be used.  But I don't see a
>>format to this specified anywhere.  I am assuming that the format is
>>single line, with whitespace seperating pids, such as: "X Y Z" (where
>>X,Y and Z are 3 pids that basename occupies.)

I think the wording should be ok, but it can be made more precise: (-;
- Internal Field Separator (PID separator): Space
- Single Line, determinated by a "\n"
- The PID should output non-binary in decimal representation
  (what else ;-): printf "%d" $PID
- pidofproc should output "" if no PID could be found.

but the wording in the patch should be sufficient.


PS: This patch contains again the spellfix patch:
  It shall return 0 if the program is
 -the process is running and not 0 otherwise.
 +running and not 0 otherwise.
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