[lsb-discuss] wip-sys-init.html

Tobias Burnus tobias.burnus at physik.fu-berlin.de
Mon Jul 14 04:42:26 PDT 2003


Stew Benedict, MandrakeSoft wrote:
> Got a chance to review the pending sys-init work.  In the "facility
> names" section there are predefined "$name" facilities that are to be
> provided by the distribution.  Am I to understand then that the
> appropriate system initscripts should have a "# Provides:" line, for
> instance bind should have?

Well, this section doesn't say anything about how distributions have to
implement this. Thus you (i.e. Mandrake) could indeed use your proposed

> # Provides: $named

SuSE has choosen another way and introduced
which contains something like (I don't have a SuSE in front of me)
  $network: network +autofs
(the autofs is not written there, but I wanted to show their syntax with
the + which is equivalent to the "Should-Start" header).

The advantage of a config file is that it is easier for the user to change
the services provided by $..., but since users only rarely (if ever)
change this, it is probably easier to use $name.


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