[lsb-discuss] install_initd clobbers system init symlinks

Tobias Burnus tobias.burnus at physik.fu-berlin.de
Mon Jul 14 04:58:47 PDT 2003


> I've just observed on SuSE that install_initd can move
> the boot order of some symlinks, even if install_initd was
> called to manage different services.
> Is this a SuSE bug, or the desired behavior for
Hmm, if all init scripts have a comment header the order should be in a
way that all dependencies are fulfilled, if this is not the case than this
is clearly a bug! (I never encountered this though.)

If your foo script has a INIT INFO section then the script should not be
started before all scripts on which foo depends (Required-Start,
Should-Start) are started. If you don't have any dependency it is not a
bug (in the LSB sense) that the start position moves up.

Can you not add enough dependencies to Required-Start or Should-Start
(which is supported in SuSE 8.0 and later) to move it to the right
position? If you want to have foo as last script, depend on $ALL (not part
of LSB but used by SuSE/UL).

And despite not being a LSB "violation" you still might want to complain
to SuSE about this annoyance.


PS: This is not an official comment of the LSB and only a mere user of
Debian and SuSE Linux.

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