[lsb-discuss] Source databases?

Mike Hearn mike at theoretic.com
Tue Jul 15 11:27:47 PDT 2003


I'm trying to find and set up the database system you guys use to
generate the spec, in the hope of adapting it to generate headers for
rewinding symbol version. Maybe I'm just being slow, but I can't find
the actual databases anywhere. I find the layout of the LSB CVS
repository really confusing - parts appear to be abandoned, there is no
overall layout README that I can see, and the modules are not especially
intuitively named.

BTW, I'm hoping we can get around the problem where you need stub libs
to stop you linking accidentally against something not in the spec by
having the headers contain, for instance

__asm__("someFunc,someFunc at NOT_IN_SPEC");

ie, at link time, the NOT_IN_SPEC version won't be found and linking
will fail. I still need to try it, but I think it'd work.

I need to be able to generate the headers first though. One approach I
might take is to simply write a new header generated from the LSB
version scripts, which I *have* found, that contains these asm
statements, then merge it with one generated from my own libc (RH9) and
ensure that the new symbols get versions that will prevent them from

Any insights welcome -mike

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