[lsb-discuss] RE: [Lsb-test] Kernel 2.6.0test2 LSB test results (w/o attachments)

Wichmann, Mats D mats.d.wichmann at intel.com
Thu Jul 31 10:51:07 PDT 2003


There's a nifty script included with the test
distribution, I think written by Chris Yeoh,
that can be really handy for generating side-by-
side comparisions.  tjreport it's called.

You could run it giving it the 2.6.0test2
and 2.4.20 journal files as the two arguments
and get an explicit listing of differences.

Here's the output from the two aio test runs
(the order is 2.4.20, 2.6.0test2):

/tset/LSB.os/aio/aio_cancel/T.aio_cancel 2 UNRESOLVED,UNSUPPORTED
/tset/LSB.os/aio/aio_cancel/T.aio_cancel 5 UNRESOLVED,UNSUPPORTED
/tset/LSB.os/aio/aio_cancel/T.aio_cancel 7 UNRESOLVED,PASS
/tset/LSB.os/aio/aio_error/T.aio_error 3 UNRESOLVED,PASS
/tset/LSB.os/aio/aio_read/T.aio_read 6 UNRESOLVED,PASS
/tset/LSB.os/aio/aio_read/T.aio_read 13 UNRESOLVED,PASS
/tset/LSB.os/aio/aio_write/T.aio_write 14 UNRESOLVED,PASS

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