[lsb-discuss] Developing for LSB

Tom Howard tomhoward at users.sourceforge.net
Tue Jun 3 19:01:37 PDT 2003

On Tuesday 03 June 2003 17:51, Christopher Yeoh wrote:
> At 2003/6/3 17:34+1000  Tom Howard writes:
> > From what I have been able to find, /etc/lsb-release or /bin/lsb_release
> > can be used to determine if a given platform is LSB compliant and which
> > version it is compliant with.  How stable is the format of this
> > information intended to be?
> You should use the lsb_release program. We will keep the output format
> of this program stable.

Thanks for the info.  May I suggest that the following or similar be added to 
the lsb_release man page in the DESCRIPTION section?

"It is intended that the format of the output of this program will remain 
stable, so you may use it in your programs to determine the version of the 
LSB specification against which the the distribution is compliant."

> > Just an another quick question.  SuSE 8.2 is listed as being LSB 1.3
> > compliant, yet /etc/lsb-release and /bin/lsb_release report 1.2
> > compliance. I have reported it to them as a bug (please let me know if it
> > isn't), but shouldn't the certification tests pick this sort of thing up?
> We have a lot of work to do on increasing the coverage of the test
> suites. A commands and utilities test suite will most likely be ready
> for LSB 2.0 and that could cover lsb_release.

I'm happy to write tests for this (just lsb_release, not everthing else ;) ).  
How do I go about contributing?


Tom Howard

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