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Sat Jun 7 19:27:37 PDT 2003

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On Sat, 7 Jun 2003 20:30:51 +0200
Heinrich Wendel <sysop at heinospage.de> wrote:

>  Looking at
> this I would propose to code one common tool for this, which can be
> used by every distribution and is based on the .desktop and .menu
> standard.

Well, this is an interesting idea, and one I know a lot of us have been
poking at from time to time.  

In a recent response to the mess of menu's, RedHog (previously
Mandrakesoft guy, now JamtLinux, www.jamtlinux.org)   approached me with
a tool to manage/interoperate with menus.


Its written in pyton, and parses the freedesktop input formats and will
work with ouputting theese into compatible formats. 

Supposedly its working, and could well be extended to match better if
need be.


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