[lsb-discuss] Re: Standarized Menu System / Hierachy

Svyatogor svyatogor at gentoo.org
Sun Jun 8 06:57:05 PDT 2003

While I am not that optimistic about coding a common tool for all distros to 
use due to a number of differences in structure and logic. However, if there 
any sign that we could reach an agreement upon a common tool I'd be glad to 
take part in this development.

On the other hand, I feel that it is extremely important to agree upon a 
certain standrat for the menu system (a lot of work has already been done, 
but there is no standart yet) and also for the system of translation of a 
system wide to WM-specific menu. 

For translation from system-wide to wm-specific menu I proposed to use a set 
of shell scripts (one for each wm), which would contain a set function, such 
as init_menu(), start_menu(),  white_entry(), etc., which would basically 
describe how to generate menu for this specific wm.

On Saturday 07 June 2003 18:30, Heinrich Wendel wrote:
> To solve all these problems I propose three items:
> 1.) We need to standarize a menu hierachy, there has been some effort on
> this in the .menu[11] specification, but this is still not enough. You may
> take a look at mandrake's hierachy[12], the gnome vfolder[13][14] and the
> debianish proposals[15].
> 2.) The .desktop standard has to change in a way that both kde and gnome,
> and all WM's that want to support this standard, can use exactly the same
> base (the !same! .desktop files) for creating their menus. In order to
> reach this also the .menu[16] proposal has to get standarized.
> 3.) While the first two items may take some time to change, we have the
> situation that every distribution is using its own tools to create the
> menus for the WM's and DE's (Debian has it's own format[17], Mandrake uses
> a modified version of this format and Suse and RedHat have tools more or
> less based on the .desktop standard). Furthermore I think many WM's won't
> switch to the .desktop standard ever. Looking at this I would propose to
> code one common tool for this, which can be used by every distribution and
> is based on the .desktop and .menu standard.
> mfg, Heinrich Wendel :)

Sergey Kuleshov <svyatogor at gentoo.org>
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