[lsb-discuss] REVIEW: System Initialization

Mark Hatle fray at mvista.com
Thu Jun 12 09:13:05 PDT 2003

George Kraft wrote:
> Source freeze for LSB v1.9 is July 3rd.  We need a review of the 
> system initialization changes.  Please send in your comments before June 27th.
> http://www.linuxbase.org/spec/wip/wip/sysinit.html

My comments:

Chapter 3. System Initialization
Facility Names

I would like a footnote added to the "$named" to clarify a few things.  My 
understanding from a previous discussion is that $named indicates that hostname 
resolution for applications is available.  It really doesn't have anything to do 
w/ daemons, bind, or other hostname resolution daemons...unless the system 
requires such a daemon to properly resolve hostnames.

Init script functions
killproc [-p pidfile] pathname [signal]

The description is:

This stops the specified program. The program is found using the algorithm given 
by pidofproc. If a signal is specified, using the -signal_name or -signal_number 
syntaxes specified by the kill command, the program is sent that signal. 
Otherwise, a SIGTERM followed by a SIGKILL after some number of seconds is sent. 
Compliant applications may use the basename instead of the pathname. killproc 
should return the LSB defined exit status codes. It shall return 0 if the 
program has been stopped or is not running and not 0 otherwise.

So the way I read this is if I call "killproc <daemon> -SIGUSR1", kill will be 
executed on the item w/ a signal type of SIGUSR1, and then killproc needs to 
check if the application stopped and return a 0 if it did, not 0 if it did not.

Is this correct?  Or should the 0 and not 0 return codes be based on if the kill 

pidofproc [-p pidfile] pathname

Specifies that /var/run/basename.pid shall be used.  But I don't see a format to 
this specified anywhere.  I am assuming that the format is single line, with 
whitespace seperating pids, such as: "X Y Z" (where X,Y and Z are 3 pids that 
basename occupies.)

Is this correct, should this be specified somewhere as a clarification?  (This 
matters when the application writes it's pid file and not start_daemon.)


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