[lsb-discuss] Re: REVIEW: System Initialization

Tobias Burnus tobias.burnus at physik.fu-berlin.de
Tue Jun 17 10:01:31 PDT 2003


a) [PATCH]
This patch does
- Change "program is stopped" to "program is not running"
  for the "status" exit status codes in order to reduce possible
  confusion with "SIGSTOP"

- Change the exit status code for "killproc" for the case that the
  program is not running:
  "0"     if no signal is given (= TERM, wait, KILL; this is default use
          for "stop" and matches the exit code for "stop")
  "not 0" ("7"=program is not running) if a signal (such as HUP) is given

b) Other things that should (probably) be added, but I didn't:

- PID format: If multiple PIDs exists, they should be space separated
  in the PID file. (And this should be also the format used by

- killproc should remove the PID file it the program is no longer running.
  (This happens with signal KILL, send by default if TERM didn't work.)
  A bit clean-up is not bad, especially if the program cannot do anything


PS: For the moment I ignored these issues:

    *  start_proc: Creation of the PID file
       This is related the next item. In general one should assume that
       the program creates a PID itself.

    *  [ 677749 ] Forking of programs which don't detach themself
       Debian's start-stop-daemon uses "-b|--background" and SuSE's
       startproc/start_daemon does it automatically.
       If a program doesn't detach automatically, it probably neither
       creates nor deletes a PID file (see above).

    *  [ 677744 ] the behaviour of start_daemon is currently unclear
       Well, in a way this is also a problem for killproc and pidofproc.

       The problem is an (e.g. PERL) script which behaves nicely, but
       if start_daemon/killproc/pidofproc compares
       /proc/`cat $PIDFILE`/exe with $PATHNAME this fails, since
       that is a link to e.g. /usr/bin/perl. In this case one has to
       check whether /proc/<pid>/cmd starts with $PATHNAME.

    *  [ 568246 ] Init action: [force-]reload and stopped service
       force-reload might (re)start the service,
       or it only reloads the currently running service.
       That is: If foo is not running and I issue a "foo force-reload",
       foo might be running -- or not.

    *  [ 653167 ] Output from init scripts is described vaguely

    *  [ 740760 ] $named boot facility confusing

PPS: If WIP goes in, those SF LSB bugs can be marked as fixed:

 [ 540950 ] Init script Functions: Several details are unclear
 [ 677737 ] Exit status for killproc, start_daemon, pidofproc
 [ 677739 ] [Enhancement] pathname for killproc/pidofproc
 [ 677745 ] Should a pid file be deleted by killproc
 [ 677746 ] [Enhancement] start_daemon should have a PID file argument
 [ 677752 ] should-start
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