[lsb-discuss] [PATCH] LSB install_initd / remove_initd exit codes are undefined

anderson at freestandards.org anderson at freestandards.org
Sat Jun 21 04:56:36 PDT 2003

Applied, built, and posted to the website.

On Sat, 21 Jun 2003, Tobias Burnus wrote:

> Hi,
> I just realized that currenty the behaviour of /usr/lib/lsb/install_initd
> and /usr/lib/lsb/removed_initd is undefined if no the dependencies are not
> fulfilled or will be broken, respectively.
> The attached patch adds these rules:
> a) install_initd
>    (i)   successful installation: exit 0
>    (ii)  already installed:       exit 0
>    (iii) missing required boot facility: exit 1
>    (iv)  other errors (cannot access init script database etc.):
>          undefined/ignored by this patch (an exit status != 0 is useful!)
> b) remove_initd
>    (i)   successfully removed: exit 0
>    (ii)  not installed:        exit 0
>    (iii) other init script depends on this one: exit 1 and not removed
>    (iv)  other problems: not defined/ignored by this patch
>          (an exit status != 0 is useful in this case!)
> Especially the wording of the remove_initd paragraph is a bit clumsy. If
> you find better word, go ahead!
> The described behaviour is implemented that way in
> SuSE 8.2/UnitedLinux 1.0 and with restrictions in Debian.
> (Debian gives these exit status codes but it will install/remove a package
> nevertheless.)
> Don't forget to run "make" in lsb/spec/wip/sysinit/ after applying this
> patch.
> Tobias


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