[lsb-discuss] Updating the PATH for /opt/<package>/bin

anderson at freestandards.org anderson at freestandards.org
Wed Jun 25 14:41:57 PDT 2003

On Wed, 25 Jun 2003, Michael Stone wrote:

> On Wed, Jun 25, 2003 at 03:15:16PM -0600, Bart Whiteley wrote:
> >Why are you opposed to letting the package do this in
> >post-install?
> 1) don't want a 15 line path (should *every* program get to add its own
> path?)
> 2) don't trust the program to munge the path properly (there's a lot of
> ways I can set my path, and I'll bet you can't predict all of them :)

I have had an idea for a while for a new command, lsbinstall, that would be
a way to add several things to the system. Lsbinstall would be capable of
adding/remove several different type of infomation from the system config.
A partial list of things that I think could be handled in a similar manner

	init scripts
	PATH elements
	fonts/font directories
	desktop menu entries

I have come across other things which fit this model, but I can't recall them
right now.


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