[lsb-discuss] Test Suite coverage

Stew Benedict sbenedict at mandrakesoft.com
Sat Mar 1 08:37:09 PST 2003

I know there are efforts on a number of fronts to expand the test suite
coverage.  I was thinking a little last night about the LSB, in terms of
publicity and support from the community.  I think quite a few folks know
about LSB, and have some degree of awareness of why it's important, but I
think to some degree, standards and test suites aren't really exciting
stuff to people.  Is there something we could do to open the process up to
the community and make it appealing to folks to contribute?  Some way to
present the standard, with a HOWTO on how one might take a bit of the
standard and develop a test for conformance?  If we could do this, and
somehow make it interesting/appealing, with some kind of community
acknowledgement of contributions to the effort, perhaps we could leverage
the skills of the folks out there in the community to further develop the
test suites.

Just a thought.

Stew Benedict


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