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Joey Hess joeyh at debian.org
Mon Mar 10 20:51:49 PST 2003

Glenn McGrath wrote:
> Can you see how some people are going to disagree with you, and those
> disagreements arent going to go away ?
> Can you see that without widespread support the lsb standard isnt a
> standard, and therefore has failed.
> Anyway, the benifits of supporting existing rpm's (and nobody said they
> wouldnt be supported) should be weighed against getting support from
> non-rpm distributions.
> As it stands, non-rpm distributions are going to continue to make
> a half-hearted effort at supporting the lsb, and rpm distributions are
> going to continue to see the lsb-rpm as validation to their choise of
> using rpm as a packaging format.

That's not my perception of what is causing any possible slowdown in one
particular non-rpm distribution, ie Debian. There is nothing left but
some minor grumbling amoung Debian users and developers about the choice
of rpm for LSB packages. Weigh against that the LSB support in Debian:

- Alien fully supporting conversion and installation of lsb packages.
- The lsb package providing a LSB environment, or at least documenting 
  the minor points where it cannot yet do so.
- The lsbdev package providing a whole LSB development chroot environment
  for Debian.
- LSB being prominently offered on the main task menu at installation time
  (in unreleased tasksel cvs).
- Many bugs filed based on the results of the LSB test suite.
- Significant contributions from Debian developers (like Matt Taggart) to
  the LSB.

There is nothing "half-hearted" about it. 

As I see it Debian is not LSB certified yet partly because Debian 3.0 is
not 100% there, and Debian has a culture of waiting for that last 1%,
and because procedutal issues have kept us from updating 3.0 enough to
let it maybe squeak though and be awarded compliance, and partly because
noone has felt sufficiently motivated to take Debian through the whole
certification process. The package format really has nothing to do with

see shy jo
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